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Decor Tips for a Homier Condo

By following these basic design cues, your can certainly make your condo look and feel more of a home.  Development has gone skyward in the past few years for places like Metro Manila, with condominiums increasing in demand because of their great locations, a selection of topnotch amenities, and sheer joy of living a high-rise […]


Making Space for New Loves

Trouble tidying your apartment? The Start shares a few tips from bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.   Words & Photo by Bea Faicol It’s high time we ditch the “New Year, New Me” cliché and go for something more attainable this 2016. Maybe something along the lines of “New Year, More Space.” […]


Merry Modernity

Words by Bea Faicol Few things are more exciting than bringing out all that dusty, outdated Christmas décor. The same old department store-bought Christmas tree and ancient wreath that people drag out of storage year after year. If you really want to get into the spirit of Christmas, then bring the good tidings in with […]


Crafts in Bloom: A Paper Flower How-To

Photos by Ina Jacobe Surrounded by steel and concrete, our urban dwellings could do with a little more nature. Given the fast-paced lives city folk live, however, plants may be a little difficult to maintain while filling vases with fresh flowers can be costly. For more manageable décor that can add life to a living […]

Home Maintenance Horrors

Home Maintenance Horrors

Art by Ina Jacobe You’ve heard stories—the ones that have kept you up at night. They’re from people who thought everything was okay in their households. All until the horrific started to happen: an expensive appliance went bust, maybe, or a prized room fixture began to deteriorate. These are real horrors because they hit close […]