Month: September 2014

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Tread Smartly

Certified running coach Ige Lopez shows how to get the most workout mileage from your treadmill Photos by Ina Jacobe Because Manila isn’t the most foot-friendly of cities, no home or condo gym is complete without a treadmill. And while putting one foot in front of the other comes as natural aerobic exercise, a lot […]


Throw Pillow Throwdown

Photos by Ina Jacobe We all know about the comfort a pillow gives. However, some pillows go beyond just a rest for your head to become an anchor for the eyes. The Start assembled an array of throws, all to turn your sofa into a statement or soften that special seat in a very sharp […]

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The Barre3 Home Workout

Combining ballet, pilates, and yoga, Barre3 is the most graceful way to sweat it out.  Photos by Ina Jacobe You may have long abandoned dreams of becoming a ballerina but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape like one. Much easier on your toes and more practical to your fitness needs is Barre3, a […]

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Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Café

51C Scout Rallos Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City In this Tomas Morato café, a French confection packs more fun than fancy In the tradition of sweet older ladies who console us through food (Mrs. Fields, Aunt Jemima, etc.), Mrs. Graham is doing the same with macarons. On Scout Rallos in Tomas Morato, Graham gives her […]

Story by Marga Buenaventura

At Home With Martine de Luna

The work-at-home mom on organizing one’s home and finding your creative bliss. Story by Marga Buenaventura  // Photography by Ina Jacobe & Don Pablo When Martine de Luna decided to become a work-at-home mom, she knew that it wouldn’t just be a job, but a lifestyle too. “I’ve been going on for five years now, and to me […]


Perfect Pancakes

Wildflour’s Allen Buhay just upgraded the childhood breakfast staple When breakfast as an adult is marked by habit and haste (something quick and edible to kick-start our bodies and go), a good break is needed—a meal that isn’t just grabbed but enjoyed. Nothing reminds us of the carefree mornings of our youth more than pancakes. Syrup […]