Month: October 2014

Home Maintenance Horrors

Home Maintenance Horrors

Art by Ina Jacobe You’ve heard stories—the ones that have kept you up at night. They’re from people who thought everything was okay in their households. All until the horrific started to happen: an expensive appliance went bust, maybe, or a prized room fixture began to deteriorate. These are real horrors because they hit close […]


Raise Your Barre3 Workout

Stretch your Barre3 limits with a set of engaging new movements you can do at home. Photos by Ina Jacobe / Photos taken at 53 Benitez Model Unit, New Manila Now that you’ve eased into our Barre3 beginner’s workout, a little change should do your body better. “When you do the same thing over and over, your […]

DIY Candles 20

Wick Ed: A Candle Craft How-To

Photos by Francisco Nunez  /  Produced by Ina Jacobe From spas to houses of worship, candles have been known to welcome peace and reflection into many environments. Light a candle at home and it acts as a “Do Not Disturb” sign, the commune of which you can enjoy while listening to an old jazz playlist […]

Sausage (18)

A Homestyle Oktoberfest

“We’re spoiled for choice,” says Chowhound’s Cyrene dela Rosa of the Filipino-born craft beers available now. The Start assembles a set of competitive local brews with tasty European-style sausages. Photos by Ina Jacobe Despite its name, Bavaria-born Oktoberfest started in September. There’s no question to why Germans prolonged the celebration of their two best exports […]