Month: November 2014


The Anti-Gut Holiday Workout

Photos by Ina Jacobe The onslaught of holiday dinner parties is fast approaching, threatening our diets to go on holiday as well. Lest you begin 2015 burdened by all the weight you packed on, The Start asked home Pilates instructor Chari Legarda-Sanvicente to demonstrate a workout to keep all that Christmas spirit away from your […]


Russian Salad for the Holidays

Photos by Ina Jacobe Malou Fores knows what gathers people excitedly around a dinner table. Her restaurant Mamou is the sort that gets bickering family members to sit together in lip-smacking accord, and a testament to what makes it all possible: a mother’s cooking. Now in the season of taking comfort in loved ones over […]


The 5-Minute Playroom Workout

Photos by Ina Jacobe  /  Shot on location at 53Benitez For many new moms, a baby’s arrival means fitness takes an exit. Chari Legarda San-Vincente is not one of these moms. The home Pilates instructor has certainly kept her pre-baby body hard-rocking while staying home to rock her son Boden to sleep. Ingeniously, Chari uses […]