Month: May 2015


The #DadBod Baon Guide

Words by Isabel Aguas | Photos by Ina Jacobe & Sarah Arrogante Gone are the days of six-pack abs being the number one body goal. Society has opened its mind to a world of waistlines by coining the term #DadBod, which describes a man’s physique that appears neither overweight nor photoshopped. Of course, one doesn’t have to be […]

Potluck Idea: Sushi Bake

Words & Photos by Isabel Aguas Here at The Start, we not only enjoy having people over, but we also love giving them a great time. Take your weeknight potluck sessions up a notch with this simple sushi bake recipe. It’s a deconstructed version of your favorite Japanese roll, baked to homey and hearty perfection. […]

DIY: Almond Milk

Words & Photos by Isabel Aguas Preservatives are those pesky little things you never have time to pluck out of your diet. Unless you’re one high-strung health nut, you’d be surprised how much of your usual grocery items contain them. This is where the beauty of making things from scratch comes in, especially when they’re […]


Have a Ball with Your Ab Workout

Photography by Samantha Ang Let’s face it—tummy tightening is hard to stomach. Not only is it difficult to get rid of your gut but most belly-busting workouts are an absolute bore. To offer an alternative to the same ol’ crunches and planks, props can be introduced to your exercise routine. With the right movements, toning […]