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Great Reads & Eats at Tweedle Book Cafe in Tomas Morato



Words by Margarita Buenaventura  I  Photography by Kiko Nuñez

106B Scout Gandia, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Feeling both peckish and bookish? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s the quiet ones we have to watch out for, and Tweedle Book Cafe is particularly hushed. Sitting pretty in one of Quezon City’s food districts, Tweedle Book says very little but speaks volumes—in terms of books, that is. It’s a haven for lovers of a good read and a hearty meal.


Guests are greeted by a grid-like bookcase that holds a healthy selection of novels and the occasional biography, all of which can be read while dining. More books sit at a corner of the cafe, while geeky tchotchkes like Marvel action figures stand guard. Grab a seat at a long teal dining table, where you can park your coffee and even make new friends between chapters.



Pairing the right drink with the perfect book is an art form but Tweedle Book makes it a little easier with its assortment of hot drinks. The hibiscus hot chocolate, with its refreshing floral notes, might be ideal for an afternoon with Sophie Kinsella chick lit. For a piece of historical fiction like The Blind Assassin, the matcha latte may be a better partner. To anyone in the mood for a long-winding opus such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude, the full-bodied dark hot chocolate might be just the thing.



Beyond books are the worthy bites. Tweedle Book’s Pinoy Breakfast Pasta with generous servings of longganisa and salted egg should not be missed. Besides reliable ol’ cafe nibbles, the steak is a must-try: succulent mayura wagyu and sharp black angus are distinct in taste but equally satisfying. It’s also best to finish your meal off with the chocolate nib cookies by Cebu-based chocolatier The Chocolate Chamber. After all, a day of good books and great food can only be properly concluded with a bit of sweetness.

TWEEDLE BOOK CAFE RECOMMENDS: “There’s Ludo: Board Game and Bar Cafe nearby. Aside from the food you can use their board games for free.”



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