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Craft Coffee Revolution

CraftCoffee Cover Photo

65 Broadway cor. E. Rodriguez Ave., New Manila, Quezon City

Visit this neighborhood café fighting to give you a real taste of coffee—no sugar needed

You can skip the small talk at Craft Coffee Revolution. There is no Starbucks barista to delay your caffeine fix with a probe into personal matters (What do you do? Do you live nearby?) Peter Ong, the hands-on owner of this handcrafted coffee joint, is often present to ask a more relevant set of questions—especially for those serious about their coffee.

“Strong or mild?” Peter asks a middle-aged lady who enters looking for beans to bring home. Asking a few more questions about the sort of flavor she prefers in her coffee, Peter goes with the Brazilian Dutra. “It’s a medium-bold coffee that’s both chocolatey and fruity,” he explains to the lady.

DSC_2492 (Copy)

Pour-over coffee is offered at Craft

DSC_2463 (Copy)

Craft’s baristas are just as invested in teaching customers about coffee. By request, they’ll even take a day out to teach a workshop at an upstairs room.

Of course, the main objective here is to serve you a cup to your liking, which you’ll witness if you hang around the five-seat bar at back. They’ll grind away, dutifully measure product, and work machinery before pouring you a true taste of your chosen bean (Brazil, Ethiopia, or Colombia). No milk or sugar needed.

DSC_2475 (Copy)

Photography by Ina Jacobe

The ambient jazz is light and unobtrusive here, while the cushioned seating is clever for being fashioned from old crates. Sit back and alternate each soulful sip with a bite of something sweet or savory.

Our pick: the Frozen Brazo. This icy twist on the dessert classic is a shareable must, graham crust and all, to give cool contrast to your steaming cup. On the other hand, a selection of pies that includes one of beef and shiitake mushrooms, offers heartier snacking.

DSC_2472 (Copy)

A forkful of the cafe’s Beef Pie

DSC_2445 (Copy)

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

If you live in the New Manila area, you’ll likely make this a quick stopover in your day. If not, it’s a good place to while a quiet Sunday away, lounging among young folks with their handouts and hi-liters out and the occasional couple cozying up to each other. A real neighborhood joint, if anything.

CRAFT COFFEE RECOMMENDS: “The other day, I tried Mrs. Graham’s on Scout Rallos. Their tuyo and champorado macarons were interesting but I’m more about their cookies and cream variant,” says owner Peter Ong.

DSC_2499 (Copy)

DSC_2460 (Copy)

DSC_2503 (Copy)

Owner Peter Ong behind the bar

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DSC_2478 (Copy)




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