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A Week’s Worth of Meal Ideas from Good Food Community


Words & Photos by Ina Jacobe

If only eating right was as easy as abandoning the New Year’s resolutions you made. Luckily, we’ve still got 11 months ahead of us to get our diets into tip-top shape.

To get you into the groove of preparing good grub, The Start introduces Week’s Worth, where we find sources for wholesome food and suggest a weeklong meal plan that’s both nutritious and delicious. Kicking the series off are Charlene Tan and Nayna Katigbak of Good Food Community. Sign up for their service and the duo provides a weekly bayong of fresh, seasonal, and organic produce that can be picked up at different drop-off points around the metro.

Good Food offers three “Farmshare” options: the Bayong Pambahay, a colorful mix of leafy and hearty vegetables; the Salad Pack, a crispy mix of fresh salad greens and herbs; and the Juice Pack, a choice mix of vegetables for whipping up detoxifying beverages.


Charlene Tan and Nayna Katigbak of Good Food Community

“Subscribing to a box of fresh and organic produce makes sure that your family gets good stuff every week, and that really changes your diet.” says Charlene of the consistent and convenient supply of healthful produce that Good Food offers. “It’s like a commitment; it’s like a gym subscription.  If it’s there, it’s what your family prioritizes and you have to eat it.”

Revealing the contents of their Bayong Pambahay, Charlene and Nayna share ideas for a week’s worth of healthy meals.


Includes: Sayote, Kamote, Lemon, Radish, French Beans, Squash, Chives, Pechay, Kailaan, Broccoli


Simply sauté with garlic or add to a dish of seared shiitake mushrooms, a squeeze of calamansi, and wilted garlicky greens like watercress and cabbage. Also makes a good addition to soups like mami or bulalo.

GF - wilted garlicky greens with mushroom

Wilted garlicky greens with mushrooms


Eat like sashimi by blanching the veggie, cooling it with ice cubes, and serving with wasabi and soy sauce. You can also boil or sauté kailaan, mixing in some toasted garlic and oyster sauce.


A fine breakfast can be prepared by sprinkling chopped chives over an omelet, arroz caldo, or garlic rice.


Make squash soup by sautéing the vegetable, adding coconut milk and curry, and pureeing with cooked rice to thicken. Besides serving as a main ingredient in a veggie pasta, you can also prepare it with French beans and a side of rice, quinoa, or pasta.



Blanch these babies and freeze to store them. Curried French beans are always tasty. Or you can poach an egg and put it on top of the beans with a sprinkle of paprika and a lemon vinaigrette.

GF - french beans poached egg, lemon vinaigrette and paprika

French beans with a paprika-spiced poached egg and a lemon vinaigrette


Why settle for French fries when you can make delicious baked kamote fries with sea salt and rosemary? Also try boiling or roasting this vegetable to transform it into a kamote salad with mustard vinaigrette.


Slice thinly and lay on toast with a smear of butter and a sprinkle of salt. Can also be pickled for a unique side to grilled dishes.

GF - slice thinly and lay on toast with butter and salt

Radishes with buttered toast


Whether roasted or blanched, this veggie an be stored and transformed into a broccoli soup or sautéed with toasted garlic and oyster sauce.


Infuse in water or brighten up your dishes with a simple squeeze.

For more information on Good Food Community, or to subscribe to their service, click here.  





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