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The Juice Journal: Beet Fatigue Away!


Words & Photos by Ina Jacobe

February just rolled in and you’re already tired of 2015. Whatever your reason for feeling extra sluggish, it’s never too late to get your nutrition in check.

Give your body a much-needed breather with one of Noelle Hilario’s fresh squeezes at Hillside, her café and juice bar in Quezon City. Besides serving organic, raw cold-pressed juices and smoothies, Hillside also has soft-tacos, soups, and salads on their menu.


To help flush the toxins from our bodies and energize us for the rest of the year, Noelle shares a detoxifying juice recipe with The Start called the “Beet It.”  “Aside from focusing on cleansing your kidney, ‘Beet It’ also boosts your metabolism,” says Noelle. Easy to make, this beverage should be a quick daily boost for the rest of your year.



3/4 Cup Chopped Beets

1/2 Cup Chopped Carrots

1/2 Cup Chopped Orange

1/2 Inch of Turmeric



1. Drop all the ingredients into a juicer and get juicing!


2. Stir the juice once done to make sure that the ingredients are well blended.


Note: Do not forget to wash the ingredients thoroughly.  It’s better to use organic vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, soak your fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water with 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar for 10 minutes to take out toxins and pesticides. You may juice the fruits and veggies with the skin on except for the orange.


Hillside Juice Bar’s Noelle Hilario


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