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Breakfast in Season: Avocado Toast


As the meal to kick-start your day, breakfast should always be something to look forward to. The problem is that many of us turn what should be something ceremonious into routine, be it with a boring ol’ bowl of oatmeal or a hard-boiled egg. No more, people. It’s time to get creative.

Different fruits and vegetables come and go with the changing of the seasons—each kind, an opportunity to introduce new flavor to the most important meal of the day. With summer here, we’re all about appreciating the avocado. Various stages of ripening render it a most versatile fruit, especially since avocados are adaptable to sweet or savory. When ripe, avocados can make for a joyous spread, leading to our new favorite breakfast obsession: avocado toast.

The Start turned avocado-covered toast into its canvas and played with crunch and smoothness, tartness and a spark of something sweet. The tasty result brings sexy back to breakfast.


2 Slices of Multigrain Bread, Toasted

½ Ripe Avocado

½ Apple, Sliced

1 Tbsp. Goat Cheese

1 Tsp. Honey



1. Spread the avocado, ripened to mushiness, over lightly toasted bread.

2. Lay sliced apple over the avocado spread, allowing the slices to fan out beautifully.

3. Add a dollop or two of goat cheese over the fanned apple slices.

4. Finish the toast with a drizzle of honey. See—simple and satisfying. Now, enjoy!

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