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A Cure for Cool Cravings: Chill Pill Ice Cream

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Photography by Samantha Ang

We’ve all noticed how hot it’s become outside—maybe too hot to seek out a cool treat or refreshment. Luckily, you don’t have to hunt for your favorite summer staple, especially those made at home with quality ingredients. From Pinkerton to Fog City Creamery, homemade ice cream businesses have scattered across the city, all offering delivery to different pickup points.

One of the cooler brands that have cropped up is just what the doctor ordered. “We wanted to try things that haven’t been done before. We’re tired of the usual cookie dough ice cream,” says Pat Flores of Chill Pill Ice Cream, an ice cream company she started with siblings Debbie and Ian. “We wanted something with a kick, sometimes literally with our alcoholic ice cream flavors.”

chill pill-10

From the kitchen of her one-bedroom condo, Pat freezes up flavors like Tequila Flowers, a spin on Tequila Rose, and Cereal Bowl, essential for anyone who grew up on Froot Loops. Whether it’s a crowd-pleaser like Salted Sugar or something subtler and spiced like the Rosemary’s Bee, Chill Pill’s got the cure for whatever your craving is—and with a pickup point at Eastwood, just a quick drive from 53 Benitez.

Visit Chill Pill’s Facebook page for ordering information. 



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