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Have a Ball with Your Ab Workout


Photography by Samantha Ang

Let’s face it—tummy tightening is hard to stomach. Not only is it difficult to get rid of your gut but most belly-busting workouts are an absolute bore. To offer an alternative to the same ol’ crunches and planks, props can be introduced to your exercise routine. With the right movements, toning balls can make for a well-rounded workout.

Using an eight-pound toning ball, The Start demonstrates a quick and engaging workout for your abs with top Brazilian model Fernando Skinner. Now get a grip and lose that gut!



Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Drop your knees and feet out to the sides, pressing your heels together. Holding the ball between your knees with both hands, lean back slightly and contract your abs. To keep a neutral spine, make sure you maintain a straight back as you raise the ball and draw a figure 8 in the air from side to side.

You may challenge yourself by gradually increasing the size of the motion to create larger figure 8s. For more intensity, rotate your spine while sweeping the figure 8s to the sides, as if paddling a kayak.


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