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DIY: Almond Milk

Words & Photos by Isabel Aguas

Preservatives are those pesky little things you never have time to pluck out of your diet. Unless you’re one high-strung health nut, you’d be surprised how much of your usual grocery items contain them. This is where the beauty of making things from scratch comes in, especially when they’re trendy (and absolutely healthy) breakfast commodities. This week, The Start guides you through an easy, step-by-step homemade almond milk recipe.

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All you need?

  1. One cup of peeled almonds
  2. Two cups of water
  3. A blender or food processor
  4. Cheesecloth

Let the milking commence.

  • SOAK almonds under an inch of water for a night or two. They should soften and plump up during the process.

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  • DRAIN and rinse. Oh and don’t worry, squishy almonds are exactly what we need! The creaminess of the end product will depend on how long it’s been soaked for.
  • COMBINE your almonds with two cups of filtered water.
  • SELECT your weapon of choice: a blender, which brings out a finer and subtler flavor or a food processor, which gives the drink a rawer edge because of the nuttiness it creates. Either way, pulse to start breaking it apart and blend on full speed until you end up with fine almond meal.
  • STRAIN the water.

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  • EXTRACT the milk using a cheesecloth. This almond and water ratio should be able to fill two cups.
  • ENJOY on its own or in coffee, tea, smoothies, porridge and loads more. Shelf life is 2-3 days.

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Kick lactose intolerance (or just boredom with your breakfast beverage) in the bum with this tasty, plant-based milk that is as low in calories as much as it is high in antioxidants, good fat and fiber. It contains zero cholesterol and does wonders to your metabolism too. Almond milk with everything? Yes, please!

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