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The #DadBod Baon Guide


Words by Isabel Aguas | Photos by Ina Jacobe & Sarah Arrogante

Gone are the days of six-pack abs being the number one body goal. Society has opened its mind to a world of waistlines by coining the term #DadBod, which describes a man’s physique that appears neither overweight nor photoshopped.

Of course, one doesn’t have to be an actual dad to have a #DadBod. Anyone who looks like they’ve prioritized everything except their diet and fitness falls under the spectrum. And hey, we’re digging a body that says, “Oh well, life happened.” Turns out keeping it real can be really sexy.

Ladies, you can probably think of at least one guy who’s got a #DadBod. It could be that hardworking husband who can’t sit down for a proper meal, or, well, your actual dad. For the diet-dodging men in your life, The Start prepared a #Dadbod-friendly baon guide that fuels their day and keeps them away from all that fast food!


Option 1: Brunch Bagel

For the man who hurriedly leaves for work to beat the morning rush hour, pack a savory snack to keep him company in traffic. On a toasted whole wheat bagel, top some cheesy scrambled eggs on slices of lean ham or smoked salmon. Add a cheeky message on a post-it and you’re good to go.

Option 2: Arroz a la Cubana

This lunch baon option is guaranteed to keep him full for the rest of the day. Instead of using ground pork for this tomato-based dish, keep the fat to a minimum with some ground turkey breast instead. Finish it off with deep fried plantains and an egg as a side. Add half a cup of brown rice for the #DadBod staple: carbs.

Option 3: Lemon Pepper Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed potatoes can be a comfort food to some. However, too much of it too often can supersize the #DadBod. A better alternative is sweet potatoes, which pack on more fiber and more flavor. Pair with some grilled chicken breast simply seasoned with lemon, salt, and pepper.

Option 4: Hefty Meatball Sub

Bolognese pasta can be quite a tricky (and messy) baon choice. Trade in pasta noodles for a whole-grain sub topped with some homemade bolognese meatballs. Ground meat is the perfect way to add in carrots, celery, mushrooms, and tofu. Trust us, it’ll be a treat!


Give the #DadBod some lovin’ by trying out these healthy baon suggestions disguised as happy meals.

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