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Heatless Hairstyles


Words and Photos by Isabel Aguas

Ahh, the heat… We’re exposed to it on the daily, so we make a conscious effort to protect our skin with SPF. But what about your crowning glory? Sure, that hair dryer or plancha may seem like the easiest way to get things over and done with but trust us, the long-term damage is real. Drop the hair tools, save your mane, and cut your getting-ready time in half with these three simple heatless hairstyles—perfect for working moms.

1. Side-swept Ponytail

Switch up this classic ‘do by deeply parting your hair on the side and sectioning the front in two pieces. Leave that for a minute and use an elastic to secure the rest of the hair into a mid-level ponytail. Grab the two front pieces and carefully wrap around the elastic, completely covering it. This method is great to hide those nettlesome baby bangs while adding a bit of volume, making a casual hairstyle look more put-together.


2. Doughnut Bun

This type of bun is perfect for both casual days and dressy nights. All you need is a hair doughnut! Don’t have one? Grab a thick, black sock and tie it around to create the same effect. Insert your high ponytail into the doughnut. Tilt your head forward and flip the ponytail down to cover the entire surface of it. Wrap an elastic around and take the leftover pieces, securing them into the base of the bun with a generous number of bobby pins.


3. Half-up, Half-down Pompadour

No time to get your hair done before a formal event? Try this half-up, half-down pompadour that exudes a simple kind of elegance. With your part of choice, leave a chunk of bangs and the top middle layer at the front. Place a pompadour clip on the crown of your head (you can opt to tease the hair if clip is not available) and cover up with the middle layer. This creates a mini beehive effect. Take your bangs back to cradle everything and finish off the look.

Edited2Modeled by Machez Aguas
Styling by Briana Aguas

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