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5 Time Slashing Beauty Tips from Robbie Piñera

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Words & Graphics by Isabel Aguas | Photo by Ina Jacobe

Here at The Start, time is of the essence and rushing is the last thing we want to include in any routine, especially when it comes to our beauty regimens.

To look good, one needs to feel good, so you shouldn’t feel bogged down when you’re doing yourself up. To help us hit two (or even three) birds with one stone when spicing up our look, celebrity makeup artist Robbie Piñera shares his top five multitasking beauty products.

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1. “The first one is a berry-colored lipstick. You can use it not only as a lipstick but also as a blush. Or as a light sheen on the eyes. Just dab a berry, brownish lipstick on.”

Inject a little life to your face using hues that mimic the skin’s natural blushing color. Make sure to blend seamlessly with clean fingers.

2. “Another one is Aquaphor, the ointment. You can use it as a lip balm or as a heavy moisturizer for dry patches. You can also use it to condition your eyebrows and eyelashes like a clear mascara.”

Nothing beats a well-moisturized canvas that looks fresh even without a trace of makeup.

3. “The Great Lash mascara from Maybelline I use on the lashes, obviously, but if you wiggle it closer to the eye line, it can double as an eyeliner. Just use a Q-tip to smudge it out.”

Eyeliner is either your best friend or your worst enemy – there is no in-between. Good thing mascara can now do the dirty work for you.

4. “A crayon concealer. You can use this to conceal spots or blemishes. At the same time, use it on the tight line to give you a brighter, fresher eye look. Also, if your lipstick is too dark, you can dab a bit of the concealer on and the pigment will become lighter and brighter.”

This skin tone shade is great in canceling out redness on the skin or eyes, making you look more awake. It also doubles as a great nude lippie when paired with a clear gloss on top.

5. “I really love body oils. Moroccan oil is a good multitasker. Aside from it giving you the most conditioned skin ever, you can also use it for the hair.”

Incorporating this quick step into your everyday routine will guarantee you a luscious mane and the smoothest skin.

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