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The Start’s Guide to Gifting: Wedding Edition


Words by Isabel Aguas | Illustrations by Czari Dy

With June kicking off the wedding season, the need for gift ideas shouldn’t come as a surprise. While a bridal registry can give you a good idea about the stuff a couple likes, it isn’t something you need to commit to. To help you give the sort of gifts a couple will never want to lose ’til death do them part, The Start writes up a fail-safe list of necessary wedding gifts.

1. Memory foam pillows

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 7.42.06 AMPicture this: The newlyweds have  just moved in into their new condo and probably paid more attention to practicality than anything else. Why not inject a bit of luxury into their new home by gifting high-quality pillows to sink their heads in? Memory foam pillows are a safer option compared to feather-stuffed ones, as some people tend to be allergic to the latter. These pillows are also known to relieve pressure and provide better neck and back support. Trust us, they’ll most certainly remember you for giving such a bedroom must-have!

2. A couple’s spa gift certificate


Nothing beats the good ol’ day trip to the spa. Usher the two into relaxation mode with a 90-minute hot stone massage. Sounds like the perfect way to alleviate all the stress from that wedding.

3. A tabletop grill


With every appliance listed in their registry, this tabletop grill is as multipurpose as it gets.  It doubles as a panini press, a basic fryer, even a waffle maker, among others. It’s space-saving, versatile, and brings the necessary heat for that perfect outdoor housewarming party!

4. Individual blenders


When a couple owns a proper blender, they usually do two things: One, overuse it until washing its many parts starts to feel like a chore, and two, chuck it to the back of the kitchen cabinet. It’s a great thing personal blenders have come into the picture. All we’re left to do now is fill a tumbler with our smoothie ingredients of choice and pulse away. These single-serve tumblers are great for portioned, on-the-go smoothies to keep the couple’s health train chugging.

5. A FUJIFILM instax SHARE Smartphone Printer


This digital age is leaving less room for memories to be preserved in the form of physical photographs. Gifting this FUJIFILM smartphone printer gives newlyweds the best of both worlds by producing instant film photos straight from their smartphones. Hands down, a marriage will always be one of the most beautiful things to capture in print.

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