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A Buzz to Bike For: EPIC Coffee Roastery


East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo 

Photography by Ina Jacobe

Most coffee-loving exercise enthusiasts use caffeine as a boost before their workouts. At Epic, a cafe that opened along East Capitol Drive late last year, coffee is itself a reason to hit the road. Consider the artisanal small-batch coffees this cafe serves the stuff worth pedaling for. It’s no wonder Kapitolyo’s finest (and fittest) bike to this old-timey haunt to get a delicious buzz from a straightforwardly foamy cappuccino or honest-to-goodness cup of the day’s brew.

While a concise menu offers bites for an active set on the go (the bagels with cream cheese are a favorite, for instance), an all-day breakfast menu will make you want to strap on the bike lock and sit your spandexed tush down for gourmet tapa or French toast with the works. Talk about a fulfilling and absolutely filling start to your day. 


NY Bagel with Cream Cheese and Jam

IMG_4250 IMG_4239 IMG_4241 IMG_4244

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