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The Rockwell Bazaar: Checking Your Christmas Checklist


Words by Bea Faicol

For those who can’t keep up with the Christmas rush, the holiday bazaar elicits a sigh of relief. With these one-stop shopping spots, you can spare yourself the effort of going mall to mall, not to mention the patience you’ll be draining while stuck in traffic. Among the city’s most awaited buying bonanzas is the Rockwell Bazaar, where being thoughtful goes a step further what with the selection of specialty vendors and unique gifts.

THE START put together a Rockwell Bazaar Christmas gift guide to help you check the people on your list off in one go. Mark your calendar for December 4-6, when the last Rockwell Bazaar of the year is held once more at the Rockwell Tent.

MNLA (1)

  1. Toasty Threads  

When the December breeze starts to get nippy. Local shops like Rekles and MN_LA sells sweatshirts with a local touch, perfect for the holidays or your cold country getaways.


  1. The Beat of Mother Nature

SustainblyMade takes unplugged experiences to a whole new level with their Timbre Unplugged wooden acoustic speakers. With no need for batteries or a charger, it’s the perfect companion to a hike up in the mountains or post-surf evening bonfire. Disconnection sounds absolutely good.


  1. Baby Booties

Handmade with the finest bamboo thread, Esensya’s crocheted sandals are literally your little one’s first step into eco-consciousness.


  1.  Christmas Eve Dress Down

When you’ve stuffed yourself enough at the holiday dinner table, getting comfortable is a must in these fun onesies. LadySatinPillowCases’s onesies are both comfy and cutesy, the ultimate conversation piece when “wine-ding” down with friends and family.


  1. Strapping on Compassion 

Taclob PH’s “Compassion” backpacks are proof that giving should never be burdensome. Bags purchased benefit the job sector of disaster-ravaged Tacloban, but they’re also good for your back. Made in attractive pre-loved denims and sturdy red Japanese tarpaulin, Compassion becomes an essential item you need to take with you wherever you go.


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