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A Smoothie Beginning: Rawlicious’s Green Junkie Jimena with Cinnamon


Words & Photos by Bea Faicol

As if 11 months of toil weren’t enough, the holiday rush at a year’s end can leave one feeling exhausted. It doesn’t help, of course, that what we feasted on through many a Christmas gathering gave our health even more of a pummeling.

But while a new year can offer us a new beginning, it’s the juice cleanse that clicks a Restart button for our insides. Juices and smoothies that retain the antioxidants of fruits and vegetables help eliminate the toxins we built up in our systems.

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Serving up a host of liquid life-givers is Rawlicious. The Kapitolyo health food joint offers smoothies that are a refreshing alternative to juices but just as effective at giving your body a boost. THE START asked Rawlicious rep Joanna to share a recipe for the ultimate New Year’s reboot. Turn this into a reinvigorating resolution to get you through 2016 in good health.

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2 Slices of fresh pineapple
2 Bananas
Filtered water
Half a large organic cucumber
2 Heaping handfuls of organic leafy greens (romaine lettuce, spinach, talbos ng kamote, kale)
1/4 Tsp cinnamon
IMG_6100 copy 3
1. Pour the water in the blender.
2. Add the following ingredients in this order: fruit first, leafy greens next, and cinnamon last.
3. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!



Joanna of Rawlicious



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