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Let Love Bloom: How to Keep Flowers Fresh

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Words by Beatrice Faicol

Maybe the reason hearts get broken is because someone was careless. The same thing can be said about flowers. So often we wonder why a fresh bouquet or a single rose looks wondrous one day, and wilts the next. Thing is, people don’t realize flowers need the same amount of love, space, and even communication as your partner does.

Allowing our knowledge about flowers to blossom is Agnes Wang, the manager of restaurant The Girl + The Bull and a hobbyist whose love for flower arranging bloomed into a passion. She is now the owner of the budding flower shop business Blooms & Things.


“Flowers seemed so intimidating, expensive, and inaccessible, so I wanted to change that,” she says on why she started her flower shop. “Flowers symbolize so many things and I wanted to use the colors, textures, and scents to create something beautiful.”

Agnes is thankful that people are now paying more attention to flowers, and even more inspiring when she sees people look for rare flowers like tillandsias, bunny ears, and succulents.

The Start asked the love doctor of flowers for advice on keeping our flowers fresh. At least if someone gives you flowers this Valentine’s, you can keep them alive even if the spark goes out.

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Hi Agnes! You seem to know how to keep flowers happy­­­­­­­­­­­­­, can you tell us how to do the same?

Speaking of happy blooms, I actually feel like they have feelings sometimes! Like they get stressed in car rides, or they get tired when they have no water. I don’t sing to them, though, they might die faster if I do.

Can you tell us where to get the best flowers?

There are many flower markets to choose from, Dangwa being one of the more famous ones.

Can you share some Watering 101?

I place them in cool water along with some flower food like sugar, ascot if acid or even Clorox – really! Make sure there are no leaves below water level so they won’t rot when submerged in water for a long time. Change the water after two days and repeat the process.


Is there any trimming or grooming involved?

When I have flowers, I first trim the stems diagonally with garden shears, because using plain scissors could cut and break the stem.

How much sunlight should the flowers receive?

Some flowers wilt under the sun while some thrive in its presence, so it depends on its variety. Sunflowers and roses need at least six hours of direct sunlight, while hydrangeas need just some afternoon shade or else the flowers will wilt.

And where would my flowers be most comfortable at home?

They do well indoors however some sunlight would definitely make your blooms happier.

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