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The Basics of Biking


Words by Bea Faicol / Photos by Kenneth Aballa

The idea of biking is liberating when you think about our enduring traffic situation. Besides cutting down on pollution and gas expenses, cycling is a great way to get around a neighborhood like Kapitolyo or stay fit in the summer.

Still, less wheels doesn’t necessarily mean less cares. Along with the many benefits of biking is the need for mindfulness and maintenance.

While a good bike can take you places, a well-maintained bike will make sure you get to your destination in one piece. THE START sat down with outdoor store ROX’s resident bike expert, Gary, to list down the basics on how to get our bikes ready for the road.

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  1. Ask the right questions. If you’re new to biking, it shouldn’t be all about the appearance. Ask the personnel about important things like the brand’s quality, the piece itself, its warranty, and the aftersales.
  2. Different bikes for different terrains. Bikes are designed for a specific environment. Using a foldable bike on the mountains or a mountain bike on the street can shorten the lifespan of the bike. Find out which bike suits your purposes.
  3. Keep it dry. With the frequency of damp weather, it’s important to secure the bike in a dry place were water cannot enter to avoid rusting.
  4. Biking essentials. Five of the most vital tools that a biker should always have on hand are the floor pump, tool kit, patch kit, lubricating tools, and an inner tube.
  5. Always check your tires. There is a specific amount of air that’s needed in a tire. Before riding the bike, check if it’s overinflated or underinflated and adjust as follows. It’s time to replace the tires when they’re thinning and its hairs are no longer visible.
  6. Ask for professional help when tuning. Because the process is extremely technical, it is not advisable to tune a bike on your own.
  7. Check everything before you hit the road. It’s essential to check your brakes, tire pressure, lubrication, and tuning before taking your bike out for a ride. Once okay, you’re ready for a freewheeling ride out!

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