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Kapitolyo Kravings: Summer Cocktails at Black Olive Cerveceria

Caipirinha and Mojito

Words & Photos by Beatrice Faicol

There’s no need for a heat metaphor—you’ve felt it. With summer in full swing, refreshment and a distraction from the sun’s desperate cry for attention are absolutely necessary; and especially after a long workweek.

Luckily, there are tasty ways to numb ourselves from the summer’s scorch—and they’re all in one place a few minutes’ walk from The Vantage to Capitol Commons. Consider watering hole and pub Black Olive Cerveceria the bearer of many happy hours amid this heat.

The Start made a foolproof list of Black Olive Cerveceria’s refreshing summer cocktails, all guaranteed to chill you out when three baths won’t do it for you.

Mojito & Caipirinha with Black Olive’s Artichoke & Parmesan Dip


Black Olive has every right to boast about this best-selling, five-ingredient cocktail classic. With a muddling of mint, cool citrus, and rum, it’s a sweet slap of revival when the heat tries to knock you out.


Brazilians know how to make the most of the tropics, as can be observed by how comfortable they are in their swimwear. This sexy ease applies to the Caipirinha, which Black Olive serves up the traditional Brazilian recipe of. One sip and you’re on a quick ride of refreshment through the beaches of Rio.

Mai Tai & Weng Weng

Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is a concoction of rum, Curaçao liqueur, and lime juice—the sort of drink you’d serve with a tiny umbrella on a resort hideaway. From its Tahitian roots, Mai Tai means “good”, but after a glass of it, I think a better equivalent for it is “too-good-to-be-true.”

Weng Weng

What sounds like an alarm is likely from the six different kinds of alcohol in this drink: rum, tequila, gin, vodka, whiskey, and cognac with a swirl of orange and pineapple juice. Although that may sound like a bad hangover in the making, the deliciously cool drink is enjoyable and harmless if you take it slow and easy.

Moscow Mules with a Basket of Chicken Tenders

Moscow Mule

This one is best paired with Black Olive’s chicken tenders; the kick of the cocktail best served with the punch of flavor in the restaurant’s prized appetizer. Made with high-quality vodka, fresh ginger, calamansi juice, and Stella Artois and served in a copper chalice, you’ll feel like a czar in the chill of Russia’s capital. Whether you’re feeling parched by 2PM or 2AM, you can avail of Black Olive Cerveceria’s promo of two Moscow Mule chalices for only P250.

Black Olive Cerveceria is located at Capitol Commons, Camino Verde Road, Pasig 

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