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Decor Tips for a Homier Condo

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By following these basic design cues, your can certainly make your condo look and feel more of a home. 

Development has gone skyward in the past few years for places like Metro Manila, with condominiums increasing in demand because of their great locations, a selection of topnotch amenities, and sheer joy of living a high-rise condo.

As detailed in Lamudi Philippines’ 2015 Real Estate Report, demand is derived from two main sources: overseas Filipinos who are investing in residential condos in the Philippines and the country’s young population, who have increased purchasing power and are increasingly able to afford condos.

It now seem that condo living will become the norm for Metro Manila over the next several years. Like anything, however, there are downsides to condo and apartment living, and one is the tendency for the units to look a little too uniform. Fortunately, by keeping a few design elements in mind, your condo unit need not feel mass produced, and be the home that it is meant to be.

It all begins with lighting

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Well-placed lights and wide windows ensure great lamination and an atmosphere that is always welcoming.

Similar to how when a gloomy sky makes for a gloomy mood, so too does interior light dictate the atmosphere of a home. Too dim or dark, and the space feels a little down; too much artificial light, and it feels a bit manufactured. While light from fixtures can’t be avoided at night, natural light is best during the day. Letting light in through the window can do wonders to make your condominium more welcoming, and adding mirrors can make the effect more widespread, and make the unit seem more spacious.

Add some greenery

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Even just one plant changes the entire dynamic of a room.

According to Raab Bustamante of Terrariums by Raab, plants still have a place in small residences. It is all a matter of choosing the right size and variant, and ensuring the chosen plants are properly watered and pruned to prevent the space from looking like a jungle. Plants are the choice alternative to when the property administration does not allow for pets, and having them placed as the centerpiece of any room can make it look lighter and fresher.

Establish simple elegance and hominess by mixing it up

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Varying, and sometimes even clashing, styles of furniture and décor makes it look like it was designed with personality, and not by a robot.

According to veteran interior decorator and licensed architect Alice Erfe of Erfe & Associates: “A luxurious design is something one can achieve without having to shell out too much.” One of the better ways to achieve this is by not shopping for furniture and décor from one place. Doing this brings a sense of realness to a home, as its spaces don’t come across as something straight out of a store’s brochure, and also helps the homeowner do better in staying within their decorating budget.

Maintain the amount of space

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Smaller doesn’t mean less comfortable, but lack of space does. Opting for the right size and streamlined sofas and furniture ensures comfort and function with still some room to move.

Comfort is a key component to a homey space, and when it comes to condo units or apartments, this means having room to move comfortably. As Erfe points out, clutter can be avoided by not having too many decorative pieces. If owning several sets, they can be rotated since they don’t have to display everything at the same time. The temptation to get the biggest pieces of furniture must also be avoided, as it will be troublesome to fit them in the unit, and there are smaller ones that are just as comfortable.

Keep it organized

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Wall shelves are great for creating storage with little space. Still, avoid clutter by only having a number of decorative pieces, like the handful of jars and vases in the photo.

Your belongings are what will help personalize your space, but making your unit homey doesn’t mean keeping it cluttered. As previously mentioned, space equates comfort, and having an adequate amount of storage means more room to move. It can be a little tricky in a condo or apartment, so it is recommended to install shelves on bare and blank walls. This not only maximizes the unused space, it also allows any fragile items to not be knocked over in a place with modest room to move.

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