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Make Something of Yourself: Craft Room in Quezon City


Common Room is located at #325 Fabian Dela Rosa St. Katipunan QC

Words & Photos by Beatrice Faicol

With the fast turnover of technology and our increasingly intense involvement in it, many of us have set creativity aside for deeper connection. While the Internet has made us more knowledgeable about what’s happening out there, it’s also eaten into time once used for hobbies and passions. And while there is an art to crafting a tweet or editing an iPhone photo for Instagram, we see less people engaging in art that’s more lasting.

IMG_0106 IMG_0127

With the growing need to make things with our hands rather than continuous swiping with our fingers, a place like Common Room is most welcome. From calligraphy materials to stamp printing pouches, to string art pieces, Common Room inspires a more traditional and fulfilling means to passing the time. With its selection of keepsakes and the art workshops it offers, one can create objects and gift mementos that are definitely more personal than a sent emoji. Whether it’s a Lego-festooned headband or a simple card with an inside joke painted on it in calligraphy, there’s certainly nothing common about a special something made especially for someone special.

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