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Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Café

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51C Scout Rallos Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City

In this Tomas Morato café, a French confection packs more fun than fancy

In the tradition of sweet older ladies who console us through food (Mrs. Fields, Aunt Jemima, etc.), Mrs. Graham is doing the same with macarons. On Scout Rallos in Tomas Morato, Graham gives her name to a dainty café devoted to the delicate French confection.

Pass under the pink-and-white awning and enter a cozy space of red brick accents, cutesy knickknacks sold in one nook, and kitschy flower arrangements on small tables. Feels almost like a life-size setting for childhood teatime with your dolls.

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With a diverse tea selection that includes choco mint truffle, French earl grey, and a nostalgic tea-based beverage like the milk chocolate milk tea, Graham’s is less make-believe than serious business. The imagination’s in the macarons, however, where Graham brings the snooty snack to homier territory and makes room for a little adventure.

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Tuyo & Champorado Macaron

A Pancake with Maple Buttercream macaron is a smoky-sweet bite of childhood mornings. Similarly nostalgic is a PB&J variant that’s at once nutty with a lively hint of berry. For something a notch more adult, try the Tequila Rose and Bailey’s macarons, each with a subtle shade of the liquors they were made from. And while it’s safe to go with a crowd favorite like the Salted Caramel, an offbeat Tuyo & Champorado macaron is a fun, irreverent tribute to the Pinoy comfort staple.

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Butter Beer

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Mrs. Graham’s sense of whimsy extends to a Harry Potter-inspired beverage you can skip the macarons for: a cinnamon-dusted, caramel syrup-drizzled Butter Beer. Sip this while challenging a friend to one of the café’s board games and you’ll wonder why there aren’t also pajamas on loan at this place.

MRS. GRAHAM’S RECOMMENDS: “Señor Pollo next door just opened and the chicken is delicious. But in our café, my personal favorites are the Bittersweet Chocolate and Tiramisu macarons,” says the café’s server and cashier, Joseph.

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Joseph, server & cashierDSC_2538 (Copy)DSC_2572 (Copy)DSC_2541 (Copy)DSC_2549 (Copy)DSC_2537 (Copy)DSC_2593 (Copy)




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