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The Home Decor Guide to Feeling at Home


While a new home offers a fresh start, creating homey surroundings from an unfamiliar space can be a bit of a challenge. Unlike shopping for clothing, the stakes are higher (not to mention the price tags) when furniture is on the line. And with countless options out there, from tables to table accessories, where does one start when creating living quarters one can settle cosily into?

Of course, lively and visually welcoming interiors can make for a space that feels lived. With this checklist for warming up your new Rockwell Primaries unit (especially during the rainy season), you’ll feel at home in no time.

1. Coffee Tables – As the utmost living room centrepiece, the coffee table encourages a sense of gathering. A cleverly designed coffee table is itself a conversation piece but it’s also what’s on top of it that reflects who its owner is and engages others in conversation, be it through the choice of coffee table books displayed, a scented candle, or tchotchkes from one’s travels strategically scattered around it.


2. A Wall of Memories – If one’s walls could talk, they should only speak of happy memories. Wall galleries can be an instant pick-me-up when shuffling aimlessly in a new home, or, as with coffee table displays, another jump-off point for conversation. The key to having a beautiful wall gallery is to mix and match different frames. Crate and Barrel’s Brushed Brass Wall Frames can make your walls look spick, span, and elegant, no matter the variety of photos you choose to mount.


3. Pillow Showcase – Throw pillows are essential to every home’s couch. Besides offering comfort, they exhibit a homeowner’s character through attractive prints and patterns. We spotted Wildwood Store’s throw pillow cases that do just that through checkered grays and a navy case that makes biology figures look more appealing than they did when we were in science class.


4. Bring the Outside In –
Many rely on greenery to add a more natural touch. Ferns and succulents can most definitely make a place breathe, especially when modern, minimalist interiors feel cold and unwelcoming. But if the responsibilities of keeping plant life alive are a burden, you can opt for plant-inspired home accessories such as Ito Kish’s Ceramic Cactus Vase, which strikes the perfect balance between nature and modernity with its metallic finish.


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