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Green Means Go: Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe


Words & Photos by Beatrice Faicol

Pioneer Center Supermart, United Avenue Corner Pioneer Street,Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Sometimes coffee can deliver more of a burden than a buzz. For some of us, the high caffeine content in a cup of joe can cause anxiety, palpitations, or an upset stomach from its acidity. For those confronted by coffee intolerance, green tea has been the best alternative.

Besides offering drinkers an energy boost, the special ground green tea powder known as matcha is a great source of calm, not to mention a quick fix to the immune system and healthy way to burn calories. With the emergence of coffee-to-tea converts, the matcha cafe looks to be the next beverage hotspot.

With Kapitolyo becoming a breeding ground for envelope-pushing eats (and drinks), it didn’t take long before the rise of its first matcha cafe: Kissako Uji Matcha. As the season brings the rains, The Vantage residents can seek warm, comforting sips than at this cozy spot that serves matcha-infused drinks and pastries (though espresso-based beverages are also available for bean devotees).

A matcha must: the cafe’s widely acclaimed Matcha Latte, served with cutesy latte art and balanced in its sweetness. It’s the perfect pairing with the house’s Matcha Fromage, a slice of green tea-glorifying cheesecake. There’s less guilt, at least, when you go green.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe is open everyday from 10AM-10PM. 



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