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Fine Delivered Dining


 Photography & Words by Beatrice Faicol

We don’t need much convincing to stay in these days. With the unconquerable traffic coming at us from all directions, getting around Manila isn’t getting any better, especially when faced with such unpredictable weather. Luckily, The Vantage is at the center of a gourmand’s wonderland. And with apps like Food Panda, Kapitolyo’s top restaurants offer one sizable menu to choose from, dishes all served up in the comfort and convenience of our Rockwell Primaries units. One rainy evening, The Start had a field day of food all outsourced and enjoyed while staying in. Of course, why limit yourself to one restaurant when you can satisfy countless cravings all in one leisurely location: home sweet home.

IMG_4428 IMG_4445

Ribs from RBCTY

Tender smoked BBQ like you had a grill out back, except you’ve got the breathtaking view of the cityscape instead.


Cordon Bleu from Splice

The Greenfield resto-bar serves up fancy classics with flair. It’s almost as if you had a home chef serving you this white tablecloth staple right from your kitchen.

IMG_4454 IMG_4458 IMG_4465

Tonkotsu Ramen from Ramen Bar

Slurp this soothing staple up while lounging in your spacious Vantage living room.

IMG_4466 IMG_4470  IMG_4475   IMG_4485 IMG_4488  IMG_4490 IMG_4492 IMG_4498  IMG_4506 IMG_4514

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