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Ito Kish’s F1rst Home is Our One-Stop Interiors Shop


Words & Photos by Beatrice Faicol

Moving into a Rockwell Primaries unit is all about the end game. Before you’ve even set foot in your new home, you’re already looking forward to a lifetime of enjoyment, from countless strolls through a thriving neighborhood to milestones celebrated with family in a spacious living room.

A view of a future well-spent inspires one to decide on furniture that endures in practicality and aesthetic. Who wouldn’t prefer dining tables you can pass on to your kids? Or sofas that stay relevant through countless evolutions of how we consume media?

With F1rst Home, internationally acclaimed designer Ito Kish seems to have addressed these concerns. At his concept interiors store located in LRI Design Plaza, Kish has assembled a collection of furniture and home accessories that, through the modernity and versatility of Nordic design, are complementary to myriad lifestyles. With such reasonable price points, the store is almost like a cheat sheet to decorating one’s first home.

Of course, settling down is much easier when we aren’t settling for just anything to fill our homes with.

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