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Experience Suburban Serenity at the East Bay Residences Pop-Up


Words & Photos by Beatrice Faicol

We’ve always known living to be easier in the south. With few buildings to obstruct the scenery and a vast breathing space away from the hubbub, it isn’t difficult to feel at home in the sense of escape it offers.

Rockwell Primaries builds on the charms of the south with East Bay Residences, a new development in Sucat, Muntinlupa. Designed and conceptualized with the discernment that Rockwell Primaries is known for, East Bay Residences will offer the comforts of modern living in an area of suburban serenity.

While conveniently located amid urban landmarks such as the soon-to-rise East Bay Town Center, residents will be surrounded by nature through bike trails, a football field, a jogging path, and bi-level gardens in units that resemble townhouses. There’s more room to build one’s dreams in Rockwell Primaries’ largest development to date, especially since spaces are up to 70 sq. meters (compared to 64 sq. meters in properties such as The Vantage and 53Benitez).

To simulate the soothing suburban feel of East Bay Residences, Rockwell Primaries launched a pop-up in Power Plant Rockwell this week. Walking through the space with interiors notably assembled by Annie Erfe, the calm and vibrance can at once be felt. Set to add “color to the south,” there’s no doubting the bright future that East Bay Residences can provide—one that definitely has more legroom to relax.

Experience the East Bay Residences Pop-Up at the G/F of Power Plant Rockwell until October 27. 

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