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Beauty & the Beast Mode: Pole Fitness at Beast House


2nd floor Ace Plaza, United Corner Brixton St., Kapitolyo Pasig

Words & Photography by Beatrice Faicol

While fitness is almost always part of everyone’s list of resolutions, the thought of starting the year by trudging on a treadmill seems like a dead end for our #FitnessGoals. Where Kapitolyo has welcomed countless ways to work out, we’re definitely up for a more sensational (and dare we say, sultrier) way to sweat it out.

In our search for more thrilling fitness regimens that are closer to home, we came across Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio right beside The Vantage. At Beast House, fitness takes flight thanks to instructors that are ranked the top three pole and aerial artists in the Philippines. Beyond just getting taut and toned in all the right places, there’s room for a little flair and artistry in getting in shape.

On a recent visit, The Start captured instructor Noreen Efondo perform a routine that left us┬áboth winded and inspired to get a literal grip on our exercise aspirations. Who knows: with a fitness studio this close to The Vantage and a healthy attitude, we might even find ourselves eligible enough to join this year’s Philippine Pole Cup.










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