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Romancing Your Home with Flowers


Words & Photography by Beatrice Faicol

Giving a loved one flowers will remain a timelessly romantic gesture. But past courtship, coupling, and eventual cohabitation, one practice becomes more significant: gifting one’s home with flowers.

Of course, Valentine’s will never tire of bouquets given by one romantic to another, but floral arrangements for the home can be appreciated by an entire household. With countless floral boutiques surrounding Rockwell Primaries’s The Vantage in Kapitolyo, maintaining a heartening ambience through floral décor can easily be achieved. IMG_0727

“Tulips and roses are timeless,” says Susie Ong of JASAM, a floral sundries shop that’s a short walk from The Vantage. As an instructor at the Institute of Philippine Floral Technique in Malate, whereupon she teaches 10-month courses on flower arrangement, Ong is familiar with which flowers feel most at home in a household, be it to enliven a living room or inspire femininity in a girl’s bedroom. More so, flowers with a manageable lifespan. “Roses look nice but they’ll last for just a few days. If you want them to last talaga, like for a week, you need carnations and mums. Lilies also last long, plus they’re the most gender neutral and can be used even without a special occasion.”


Creating a standout arrangement also relies on floral fillers like misty blue, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus, which Ong also notes is an effective repellent against certain insects like mosquitoes. Though these make for fine accents to bold stems, fillers like eucalyptus can also stand on their own and are often used to bring a certain calm to a kitchen or living room.


Eucalyptus from JASAM


No matter the proximity of shops like JASAM or similarly nearby Holland Tulips, which make regular floral deliveries possible, a few rules on basic maintenance can help keep flowers fresh. Whether you’ve stuck by paper roses or lilies, Ong recommends the following:

  1. Cut stems diagonally so it can absorb water more efficiently.
  2. Change water every other day.
  3. Add flower food to the water to give it optimum nutrients to allow it to go long and strong.

By communicating one’s budget and preferences to a florist and maintaining arrangements with a few simple steps, fresh flowers can be a regular part of your home. Beyond the sweet scent brought in by a vase or basket of new stems, any condo dweller can appreciate bringing a bit of the outside in. With such benefits in bloom, one’s relationship with the flower shop down the street can be a lasting one.


Tulips from Holland Tulips in Kapitolyo


A JASAM arrangement with dahlias imported from Japan.

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