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A Summer of Creativity in Kapitolyo with Craft Carrot


Words & Photos by Bea Faicol

In time, any sort of routine gets less and less reliable in delivering satisfaction. You go to work, come home, and in between, spend a significant amount of time stuck in traffic. To such tedium, the need to try something new is always the best antidote—a chance to get creative.


A short walk from The Vantage at Kapitolyo is Craft Carrot, a crafts store that recently began holding workshops for art enthusiasts. Amid an intimate space are art supplies any DIY diva would go crazy for, from watercolor sets by Daniel Smith to rubber stamp carving blocks by MOO.


While the store offers its comprehensive selection of tools online, boasting over 1,000 products, browsing its array of supplies is enough to inspire an attempt to dip into other arts, most especially when a workshop is held, be it a Brush Calligraphy 101 class by Katrina Etong or one of their upcoming watercolor workshops. With the summer in full swing, they’re most certainly creative ways to keep the kids busy, not to mention a crafty way to bond with them. Making art, after all, allows one to make memories you can mount on the walls of your Vantage home.


Craft Carrot is located at 19 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo

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