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Rest Easy in Health & Wellness Products at the Zenutrients Showroom in Kapitolyo


Words & Photos by Bea Faicol

Good health doesn’t hide behind ingredients you can hardly pronounce—those chemical additives found in processed food or countless beauty products out there. One can definitely rest a little easier when the products you consume are better for you in the long run, unburdened by potentially harmful elements.


After its founders sought to find a natural solution to their child’s psoriasis (the answer was virgin coconut oil), nature-made wellness brand Zenutrients sought to find organic alternatives to everyday necessities. From a hair care line that includes a moisture-packing aloe vera shampoo to the newer products in its skincare line such as a coco honey firming mask, Zenutrients has considerably expanded. To anchor more than 30 stores and kiosks around the Philippines, Kapitolyo is where their showroom is located.


Just a short walk from The Vantage, a self-pampering is easy to come by through shelves stocked with spa-worthy combinations. For a deep facial clean, a firming ginger face wash or jojoba face scrub; for aching muscles, a minty balm; for a simply fragrant home, a eucalyptus spray. What’s reassuring is that the Zenutrients showroom literally shows product assembly, allowing a view of workers mixing and bottling “the best nature has to offer.” Now if that isn’t being transparent about how good your stuff is, we don’t know what is.

57 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City 



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