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A toast to getting creative in Kapitolyo with Sip & Gogh


It’s no secret that creativity comes easy when one does away with their inhibitions. Just think of art’s many masters and you’ll find countless rebels, bon vivants, and people who knew how to live life on the edge. For a lot of us, getting to the wavelength of such greatness requires a little liquid courage.

At Sip & Gogh, a paint studio with branches across the city (one is located in the heart of Kapitolyo, a short walk from The Vantage), imagination follows many a libation. By offering art classes with the bar not so far from the easel, participants engage in the fine art of getting tipsy while producing fun, fearless art in the process. For whichever branch, classes are held morning to evening, most being open sessions where anything goes on the canvas. Otherwise, instructors teach classes where participants can duplicate various images, be it a lion or a jar of fireflies.


While adults can enjoy a good drinking distraction in the name of art, children are also welcome to grab a brush and join a session. Instructors can also be booked for private painting parties. Whether it’s to bond creatively with your girlfriends or share a skills-refining session with your little one, Sip & Gogh should be a great way to kill time or relax indoors during the rainy season. The best part is that no matter what you produce, it’ll be easier to accept it as art when you’ve had a few drinks in you.

Sip & Gogh’s Kaptiolyo studio is located at 2nd Floor, Ace Hotel & Suites, United Street, Kapitolyo. 

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