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French festivity for the holidays at L’Epicerie Gourmande


Photos by Beatrice Faicol

Life’s pleasures are definitely not lost to the French. While many of us attribute carefree dining and drink to the holidays, French people aren’t ones to inhibit themselves only until the end of the year. Still, their love of rich tastes and buttery pastries is balanced out by well-rounded eating—diets take from different food groups; ingredients are fresh and natural; and wine one evening is balanced out by a wholesome meal the next day. 



It’s a great approach to life’s enjoyment that we can make a resolution for the New Year. To help us do that is the perfect hub for authentic French flavors. L’Epicerie Gourmande is a French restaurant and deli that stocks a full pantry of delicious items spanning artisanal jams to rare cheeses and fine wines from various regions. Just a quick drive from East Bay Residences is a rustic spot for flirty date nights over charcuterie or family food trips to stock up on everything from healthy fruity cereals to indulgent patés (There’s even a Christmas Village nearby so the kids can wander and play). And if you’re a budding home cook, L’Epicerie is the place to help you refine your French cooking a la Julie & Julia.  

IMG_9738 IMG_9753

Christmas Village

With special discounts on bulk orders of wine and holiday gift baskets packed with French delicacies, it’s worth trying Christmas with a whole lot of French festivity this year. Along with cheer, why not spread a little joie de vivre? 

IMG_9760L’Epicerie Gourmande is located at Festival Mall, Alabang 

East Bay Residences is located on East Service Road, Muntinlupa 

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