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Merry Minimalism – a DIY Decor Guide


A home for the holidays is far from being a gift to mother nature. Imagine all the Christmas lights that exhaust energy through the season not to mention all the decor and ornaments we find ourselves re-purchasing and only using once a year? Add to that all the storage we allot for all our yuletide paraphernalia and the effort we put into setting it all up again. 

The truth is that our holidays can be just as merry with minimalismand definitely just as spirited with sustainability in mind. To save on cash and resources, The Start shares its DIY decor guide for your Rockwell Primaries home. As shown in this unit at The Vantage at Kapitolyodiscarded bottles, sackcloth, or even the parts of an old, dust-gathering Christmas tree can turn holiday home decoration into an activity your family (and the earth) will love. 

The Vantage at Kapitolyo is located along West Capitol Drive, Pasig 



Christmas Tree Figurine
Materials: Green twine, cardboard, foil, glue and water mix

1. Shape cardboard into a cone of your desired size.
2. Wrap the foil around the cardboard cone tightly.
3. Cut green twine into strips of 10 inches.
4. Dip green twine in the glue and water mixture.
5. Remove the excess glue and water mixture from the green twine.
6. Wrap the green twine over the foiled cardboard cone.
7. Let it dry overnight. You may use a blow-dryer to quicken the drying process.
8. Once it’s completely dry, you may take the twine off the cone.
9. Add decor as you please (options: gold paint, glitter, fake snow).


Garland Centerpiece
Materials: Garland, wrapper, red twine, small bottle, and pebbles

1. Cut a short piece of garland—a branch will do.
2. Place the garland segment inside a small bottle and fill the space with pebbles until the garland can stand on its own.
3. Wrap the bottle in your preferred paper until it can hardly be seen. You may use fiber mesh or burlap.
4. Tie red twine around the bottle to secure the wrapping paper.


Garland Wall Decor
Materials: Garland and twine

1. Cut garland to desired length with pliers.
2. Tie a piece of twine on both ends. You may hang the twine on your wall.


Snowman Wine Bottle
Materials: Wine bottle, white acrylic paint, orange acrylic paint, and black marker

1. Cover an empty bottle free of labels with white acrylic paint. Two to three coats of paint should completely cover it.
3. Use a black marker to draw eyes and a mouth.
4. Use gold or orange acrylic paint to draw in a carrot nose. Happy holidays!

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