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A Helping of Home Maintenance


With a new year comes the opportunity to hit the Refresh button on everything from work to working out. Still, how we improve our lives is always influenced by where we live them. There’s a reason a negative mood is attributed to “getting off of the wrong side of the bed.” If we begin our days at home, then home should be the best reflection of ourselves. And if we are to keep our home spic, span, and stress-free throughout the year, then we need a bit of help every so often. 

So that we can focus on bettering other parts of our life, The Start put together a list of convenient services close by that can help us maintain our The Vantage at Kapitolyo unit. From laundry pickup to furniture reupholstery, our recommendations can assure that a tidy habitat becomes a habit, and not just at the start of the year.


Home tidying can be an absolute hassle. For space-challenged condo units where stay-at-home help isn’t possible or economical, app-based cleaning services like Cleanhome are both safe and convenient. 


Busy workweek? Wash away your worries about laundry with laundry pickup services like The Pink Washer, which also specializes in dry-cleaning for more delicate garments. Schedule a weekly pickup and come home to a warm, freshly folded bundle.

Pink Washer: (02) 730-2932


They’re part of the family, so we need to make sure our pets get the attention they need, especially when it comes to staying clean. Still, work and other obligations can hound us quite often to the point that we need a little help with our furry companions. Using only organic and clinically approved products for your pet’s grooming needs, Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Salon is the extra hand you need when it comes to taking care of dirty paws. 

Vanity Fur: (02) 359-3752


The comfier we get in our home furniture, the greater the chance of wear and tear, be it through the nth cup of coffee spilled or the gnawings of a new pet. Rather than spend big for a new piece, a place like Rafael Furniture & Car Reupholstery takes care of pickup, delivery, and everything in between, so that all you have to do is sit on a sofa that’s practically brand new. 

Rafael Furniture & Car Reupholstery: 0921-755-8025


Many of us think that technology takes care of itself, especially when it comes to home appliances. But after some time, everything from our fridge to washing machine needs a fix or a freshening up. Through Teko, you can book a technician based on your needs, whether it’s to clean an air-conditioner or replace a few wonky parts in your oven. 

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