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Liven Up Your Living Space with Perch Furniture


Words by Marga Buenaventura

In the same way that we tire from our daily rigors, our homes get tired, too.

As much as our domains call for some serious renovation, adding a few key pieces could be the quickest and most economical way to spruce up any space. Just ask the good folks over at Perch Furniture, a local retail brand that specializes in modern classic pieces that are both whimsical and functional.

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At the Rockwell Primaries Pop Up held from October 4 to 8 at SM Megamall, Perch’s cool and casual seating livened up 53 Benitez’s model unit. A love seat situated at the unit’s living room chucked any frills out the door; the restrained gray canvas and bleached wood legs made the couch both practical and cozy. Even the brand’s dining chairs gave off a charming country home vibe, and added a welcome dash of color to the spare space. The chairs’ pastel shades complimented the label’s clean square dining tables.

IMG_2953 (Copy)While Perch has only been around for a little over a year, it’s already beginning to establish itself as a go-to for budding homemakers and young families settling into their own nests. The Start caught up with Perch Furniture’s External Affairs Manager Michael Tiu, who shares a few secrets to maximizing one’s space and the first thing to consider when picking out your furniture.

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Perch Furniture’s Michael Tiu

What are some essential pieces for any starter home?

I think that people get too caught up in researching rules in interior design. My advice for customers is to choose what they like. At the end of the day, designing a room is a personal endeavor. You’re not there to take photos of it every day and post it online. In terms of more practical considerations…based on my experience, people ask for a bed and dining pieces.

What are your tips on maximizing a space, given the kind of furniture Perch has to offer?

We’re getting a lot of people interested in sofa beds, more multifunctional pieces. We have chairs that double as single beds, too. What we noticed now is that the condos are getting really big, and people want pieces that are space-saving. Some condos also have irregular shapes—they don’t have the typical box-like layout, and you get small corners that can be awkward. So usually, we suggest you get accent pieces to fill those up.


Can you forecast any furniture trends we should consider?

We notice that people have been asking for different things, depending on the demographic. For example, you have the older, tita vibes (laughs). They like getting the more intricate pieces, the columns. When it’s the younger couples, they like simple shapes and monotone pieces. The more “indie” people like things that look restored or reclaimed, and that we usually paint in crazy colors. We’re also seeing a demand for more and more clever and innovative designs for multifunctional furniture.

Visit Perch Furniture at G/F KL Tower, 117 Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. For inquiries, call 806-3574 or 0942 570 9292.


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