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Raise Your Barre3 Workout


Stretch your Barre3 limits with a set of engaging new movements you can do at home.

Photos by Ina Jacobe / Photos taken at 53 Benitez Model Unit, New Manila

Now that you’ve eased into our Barre3 beginner’s workout, a little change should do your body better. “When you do the same thing over and over, your body gets used to it and those exercises become less effective,” says certified Barre3 instructor Tami Ledesma, warning against results-resistant routine. “It’s always good to change up that routine so that different muscles are working. That way, you go deeper and harder in your workout.”

Of course, no matter what new exercise you introduce into your routine, one unchanging element of Barre3 is its core foundation. “Always pull your navel to your spine to get the best benefits from your workout,” reminds Tami.

With our core foundation firm, The Start asked Teacher Tami to demonstrate some challenging new exercises that can elevate your workout and keep our bodies responsive. Switch your beginner’s workout with this advanced set on alternate days. Once mastered, you can intensify these exercises by choosing different songs or increasing the number of repetitions you do. “Your body responds best to change,” says Tami. “And that goes for life too.”

For a selection of exercises and workouts, you can also log on to or download the Barre3 mobile app.



This Works Out: Refines your rear and provides a nice burn to your legs.

How: Place your hands or your forearms on a bar or table surface. Keep your back nice and long, making sure your feet are positioned right underneath your hips. Pull your right leg up to the ceiling as if you’re trying to poke the sky. In an inch-long range of movement, raise that leg repeatedly in three sets of eight.



What it Works Out: After an exercise like the Butt Booster, this is the perfect stretch, targeting your standing leg and the sides of your body.

How: Follow up your Butt Booster by bending your right knee and twisting to your left side. Remember to keep your standing leg straight upon twisting. The goal is to effectively stretch the sides of your body.



This Works Out: “This is a good stretch for people who spend all day on the computer or at their desk job—then go home to help with their kid’s homework,” says Teacher Tami.

How: Sit forward slightly and place your hands at the back of your chair, grabbing its edge. While rooting your feet on the floor to keep yourself stable, move your chest forward and feel the stretch at your chest.



What it Works Out: “This is a wonderful way to get your abs working,” says Teacher Tami.

How: Raising your head slightly with your hands behind them, move your legs as if they’re pedaling a bike forward. Remember to keep your stomach pressed against the floor, flattening it out. Intensify the workout by twisting your elbow toward the leg that’s bent. “Be careful with your neck,” says Teacher Tami. “If you begin to feel strain, stick to the leg portion of this workout and let your head rest on the floor.”


Teacher Tami demonstrates the Bridge as an ab stretch.


What it Works Out: An abdominal stretch that can follow your Bicycle Core Work. Can also be configured to work your legs and butt.

How: To stretch your abdominals, keep your upper back lying against the floor and lift your hips to their highest point. Hold this pose for a few seconds.

As a nice burn to your hamstrings and behind, press your heels into the ground and raise your hips to a level lower than your stretch. Hold this pose for a few seconds.


The Bridge can also work out your butt and hamstrings


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