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Home Maintenance Horrors

Home Maintenance Horrors

Art by Ina Jacobe

You’ve heard stories—the ones that have kept you up at night. They’re from people who thought everything was okay in their households. All until the horrific started to happen: an expensive appliance went bust, maybe, or a prized room fixture began to deteriorate.

These are real horrors because they hit close to home. To celebrate the freakiest day of the year, The Start assembled a few stories from real people, who shared how they overcame such terrors.

At least when you experience any of these things, you won’t resort to pure fear but a quick fix.

Grease Trapped

“One thing about condo living is the need to get your grease trap cleaned. I never knew what it was before and one day, it overflowed and soiled our kitchen! You’re supposed to have it cleaned pala every three months or more often if you always use the kitchen sink.”

-       From Pam B., 32


Dust to Dust

“Near our condo, there was a neighboring building being built. Naturally, the dust would settle on our unit. Not a good thing because it would poison our air—definitely not good when you have a three year-old son who has asthma!

Some things that have helped: air purifiers for each room, getting indoor plants, changing our floor to tiles instead of wood, and using organic cleaning materials. Another important thing: the admin of our building did not enforce strict rules with contractors until we really forced our complaints upon them. We asked our lawyers to write them para official na official.”

-       From Samantha L., 43


The Pains of Paint

“Well, our problem really began when we bought a unit by a developer with a bad reputation. But anyway, the paint on our walls started bubbling up and it looked really unsightly—like the walls had some kind of disease or something. We found out that moisture was getting underneath the paint, likely because of the poor ventilation in our condo.

After installing better ventilation, we scraped off the loose paint and just had to repaint the wall. I was told that if we didn’t address the problem right away, the siding might have gotten bulok! Eh ‘di that would have been even more expensive to fix.”

-       Joanna Z., 37


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