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5 Gifts for Moms at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar


Photos by Ina Jacobe

For the woman who’s given all of herself, a few gifts are in order. It’s fitting then that Mommy Mundo, the website devoted to information on motherhood, has dedicated an entire bazaar to giving moms a hand.


Janice Villanueva, founder of Mommy Mundo

“This is probably the biggest gathering of moms in Manila,” says Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva of the event, now on its seventh year. With a breastfeeding lounge and stroller parking, the event caters mostly to the pregnant and new parents alike. “Our event is known as a launch pad for mom and baby companies. We look for products and services that enhance the lives of moms and their kids.”


Held at Glorietta’s Activity Center last week, the event gathered more than 60 vendors offering everything from lactation treats to children’s furniture. “Every year, I watch the trends at the bazaar,” says Janice. “Seven years ago, the uso product was organic skincare. The second year, it was baby wearing, so slings, baby pockets, and all that. The third year, it was cloth diapers that are good for the earth and baby’s skin. For this one, it’s a good variety. We have a new stroller brand from the UK, a brand of shoes for flat feet, and organic snacks for children. There’s no specific uso for this bazaar but it’s a good variety—a mix of imported and mommy-created items.”

In the spirit of giving moms a break, The Start asked the dynamic main mom behind Mommy Mundo to choose some practical gifts for moms.


For Pregnant Moms: Belly Belt Extenders from Mommy Matters  

“It’s what you call a pants extender,” says Janice. “When a pregnant mom’s belly is growing, she can actually wear any pair of pants. Keep a button open, attach this cloth panel, and as your belly grows, it keeps your pants up. So if you’re six months on the way, you just snap this onto your pants. Kasi it’s expensive to buy maternity clothes. Pregnancy is just nine months.”


For Nursing Moms: Nursing cover wrap from Mom Baby Fabric

“When you’re breastfeeding, baby can go underneath this cute wrap. Moms can choose the print that they really like,” says Janice.


For New Moms: Belly Binder from Urban Essentials 

“This is a postpartum belt for moms who want to look slim after giving birth. These have been selling like hotcakes. This can also be used if you aren’t pregnant, if you’re a man, have undergone surgery, or have back posture problems. Ang maganda sa kanya, you can wear it discretely because it’s seamless, unlike other binders.


For Moms with Toddlers: Babinski Baby Donut Mess with Me Drool Bib & Sand Puff  from Sand Puff Philippines 

“There’s this doughnut bib that’s super cute for when baby’s eating. And this no-mess organic sand. Put this play sand in your living room, no problem. Boys can run their cars through it and it’s easy to clean up.”


For Moms with School-Age Children: Curious Chef from Curious Chef Philippines 

“This is a 30-piece caddy of actual utensils but made for kids. This knife, for example: you can slice with it and it’s safe. I’m really an advocate of quality bonding time, so with this, at least you can bake with your kids.”




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