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The “Live, Love, Lolz” List


Photos by Ina Jacobe

With a lifestyle show on the web, there are no limits to the time or topics that host Karrots Nazareno covers. On Live, Love, Lolz, Karrots’s character “Tita K” is a yaya-assisted woman of the house, teaching aspiring donyas everything from laundry labels to maid management. Even more lolz arise when our bubbly hostess invites guests over to share in the laughs while sharing their know-how.

On recent episodes, pole-dancing divas Pole Rush taught a few sexy moves to get sexy with; blogger The Spoiled Mummy talked her go-to places to stuff her gob; and even rock legend Basti Artadi came by to weigh in on current events. What’s clear, with her shock of orange hair and candid curiosity, is that Karrots is just what the doctor ordered: a sight for bored, YouTube-surfing eyes.

Brimming over with guest-gleaned knowledge and inspiration, Tita K decided to share some tips with THE START. From how Karrots does Christmas to carpet cleaning advice, this is one list to love and laugh with.


 1. A cute way to get organized: Buy a nice red Moleskine notebook. Or any nice red notebook. This is where you will make your yearly Christmas lists. All the addresses, godchildren, correct spellings, favorite colors et al. will be documented in this mighty book of (forgotten) details.

2. Tita shopping must: I’ve been to bazaars—or should I say, “trunk shows”—year in and year out and haven’t been as excited as when visiting The Caravan. Exotique-skinned ballerina flats, opera necklaces of Fool’s Gold, agate coasters, personalized ribbons, and more! This is tita heaven. It’s very hard to shop for others when you want everything for yourself.

3. Skin saver: ZO Skin Health Sunscreen x Primer is the best no-nonsense beauty product ever. Hello, SPF 30 + baby smooth skin in one bottle? Why not?


4. Primp your pooch: I’ve been to several frou-frou doggie parlors only to have to nurse some kind of skin disease my puppies have acquired. Take them for grooming at your vet instead. They are familiar with the term “sterile environment.”


5. Fäe Candles, people: The most luxurious locally made candles ever. Smells like the lobby of an expensive hotel. The perfect I-dont want-to-think-anymore but-I-love-you gift.

6. For Christmas décor: You must make a trip to the pink building on Dapitan Street, Quezon City. An absolute Christ-must.


7. Risky regifting:For all that is good and pure, please, please, please properly label the presents you intend to regift! Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.

8. Hostess with the mostest:When hosting a dinner at home, whether you order out or prepare everything yourself, make sure you have time to hang with the guests instead of pore over details.

9. Fine furnishing:You will never look at overpriced mall furniture again after you have scoured the gem that is Evangelista street, Makati. Flea market heaven.


10. Interior intelligence: Get professional carpet and furniture cleaning services once or twice a year. Even more, if you can afford it. The dirt they manage to suck out of your mattress will be as dark as beef broth even if you vacuum regularly. Call Anne at (02) 8063098. Tell her I sent you and that you don’t want to give a referral list of 10 people and their phone numbers.

11. Citrus-worthy: There’s always that lone lemon or trio of calamansi rolling about the back of your ref. Instead of tossing them out, just leave them in a jar of water for a few days, mix with a tablespoon or two of white vinegar, and keep in a spray bottle by your kitchen sink. Let the natural acids take care of odor offenders. Spray away!

12. The urgent present: Emergency events are a reality. Should you need to gift without breaking the bank (and still maintain your cool tita reputation), try The Bleach Store, and Muji. Never fails.


13. More-yenda: In the bringing of merienda that is meant to be eaten (as opposed to being gifted), mini anythings are a great idea. Mini mamon, mini siopao, mini cupcakes. No one wants to eat a chicken pie the size of your head!

14. ‘Day care: Sick of your menu? Send your maids to 25 Mushrooms Kitchen, which holds cooking classes for household help. If you don’t want your maids to get pirated, attend the classes yourself.

15. Plant paradise:I’ve driven myself to Bulacan and Laguna only to find the best selection of plants in the Centris Sunday Market along EDSA, Quezon City. The Titas of QC apparently go as early as daybreak with their umbrellas and flashlights just to get first dibs.

16. Fitness fashion first: In fitness, go and give everything a try until you find something you can make a habit of. Just do something. What has kept me going to Bikram yoga for so long is the fact that I’ve invested in a lot of pechay shorts. I’m afraid to venture into other types of yoga for fear of being too bomba-starrish.


17. Wardrobe staple: From errands to events, a white tee. Because ang ganda ko lang. Because my hair and accessories are very loud so dapat very basic lang ang dating.

18. Best beauty advice: Get laser hair removal. The older you get, the harder it is to view your pits.

19. How to freeze time:Dress like an old lady ’til you become one.

Live, Love, Lolz appears every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on the NMFtv YouTube channel 

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