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Have a Ball with Your Ab Workout

Photography by Samantha Ang Let’s face it—tummy tightening is hard to stomach. Not only is it difficult to get rid of your gut but most belly-busting workouts are an absolute bore. To offer an alternative to the same ol’ crunches and planks, props can be introduced to your exercise routine. With the right movements, toning […]


Summer Abs by Superbod Mauro Lumba

Photography by Samantha Ang Fitness can be futile without a goal in sight. After all, there’s nothing like a summer body to chase after to keep you on that treadmill. Among the countless Instagram feeds with gym selfies galore, few can provide as much fitspiration as the winners of the Century Tuna Superbods Challenge. To […]


The 5-Minute Playroom Workout

Photos by Ina Jacobe  /  Shot on location at 53Benitez For many new moms, a baby’s arrival means fitness takes an exit. Chari Legarda San-Vincente is not one of these moms. The home Pilates instructor has certainly kept her pre-baby body hard-rocking while staying home to rock her son Boden to sleep. Ingeniously, Chari uses […]


Raise Your Barre3 Workout

Stretch your Barre3 limits with a set of engaging new movements you can do at home. Photos by Ina Jacobe / Photos taken at 53 Benitez Model Unit, New Manila Now that you’ve eased into our Barre3 beginner’s workout, a little change should do your body better. “When you do the same thing over and over, your […]