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A magical day at the East Bay Carnival

Any well-rounded community that values its residents’ well-being always leaves room for amusement. With the easy living espoused by East Bay Residences, childlike wonder is always within reach, a quality celebrated last Sunday (October 22) through the East Bay Carnival. With Halloween approaching, children gathered in costume at the East Bay Clubhouse to enjoy magic […]

The East Bay Retail Park—the future home of The Yard coming in early 2018 (Artist’s illustration only)

Go on a Gastroventure at The Yard, a new food park near East Bay Residences

From expertly grilled barbeque ribs that fall off the bone to savory and spicy Tex-Mex street food, East Bay Residences and The Yard are bringing in more exciting food trips and unique eats to the South this coming September 16, 2017! In partnership with Rockwell Primaries, The Yard presents Gastroventure, where local flavors and homegrown […]