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Decor Tips for a Homier Condo

By following these basic design cues, your can certainly make your condo look and feel more of a home.  Development has gone skyward in the past few years for places like Metro Manila, with condominiums increasing in demand because of their great locations, a selection of topnotch amenities, and sheer joy of living a high-rise […]

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Lunch Money Matters

Words and Photo by Isabel Aguas As a parent, it’s essential to start your child off on street smarts as soon as possible. Beyond talking to strangers, of course, one valuable lesson would be handling their money. Honing this kind of responsibility is something that not only saves your kids from future financial bondage but also […]


At Home with Joel & Marla Darwin

With complementary household roles and combined passions for the company they’ve set up, these 20-somethings have laid the groundwork for a lasting relationship—in business and in life. Photos by Francisco Núñez As comforting as settling down with someone sounds, most newlyweds will agree things don’t completely fall into place afterwards. Following their charmed wedding in […]

Home Maintenance Horrors

Home Maintenance Horrors

Art by Ina Jacobe You’ve heard stories—the ones that have kept you up at night. They’re from people who thought everything was okay in their households. All until the horrific started to happen: an expensive appliance went bust, maybe, or a prized room fixture began to deteriorate. These are real horrors because they hit close […]

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The Barre3 Home Workout

Combining ballet, pilates, and yoga, Barre3 is the most graceful way to sweat it out.  Photos by Ina Jacobe You may have long abandoned dreams of becoming a ballerina but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape like one. Much easier on your toes and more practical to your fitness needs is Barre3, a […]