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Summer Abs by Superbod Mauro Lumba

Photography by Samantha Ang Fitness can be futile without a goal in sight. After all, there’s nothing like a summer body to chase after to keep you on that treadmill. Among the countless Instagram feeds with gym selfies galore, few can provide as much fitspiration as the winners of the Century Tuna Superbods Challenge. To […]


The Anti-Gut Holiday Workout

Photos by Ina Jacobe The onslaught of holiday dinner parties is fast approaching, threatening our diets to go on holiday as well. Lest you begin 2015 burdened by all the weight you packed on, The Start asked home Pilates instructor Chari Legarda-Sanvicente to demonstrate a workout to keep all that Christmas spirit away from your […]

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Tread Smartly

Certified running coach Ige Lopez shows how to get the most workout mileage from your treadmill Photos by Ina Jacobe Because Manila isn’t the most foot-friendly of cities, no home or condo gym is complete without a treadmill. And while putting one foot in front of the other comes as natural aerobic exercise, a lot […]

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The Barre3 Home Workout

Combining ballet, pilates, and yoga, Barre3 is the most graceful way to sweat it out.  Photos by Ina Jacobe You may have long abandoned dreams of becoming a ballerina but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape like one. Much easier on your toes and more practical to your fitness needs is Barre3, a […]